Polydi Brawlers

 Polydi Brawler Glossary

The “Polydi Brawlers” are the Polydi that you have selected for the game you are preparing to play.  In summary, these are the Polydi that are playing on your team.  As the master of the game, you must select the Polydi that you would like to use for your duels.

You may have hundreds or thousands of Polydi in your collection.  However, if you wish to duel with a friend, you must select only a few for the actual game (see the Polydi Brawler Game rules for the exact number of Polydi that are permitted to join your brawlers; this depends on which level of the game you are playing).

You are permitted to use different Polydi for future games.  You can not substitute any Polydi into your team of brawlers after the game begins.


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